Kostya's Lunchbox #1 | Chicken with Potatoes, Fried Egg, Rice

About Kostya's Lunchbox

Moving to Shenzhen means a lot more freedom than living in a small, four-person university dormitory, but also comes with a price. Not only do I have to look out for the cockroaches that might very well crawl their way to my kitchen, but also I must cook most of the time to save money. Looking back, I find it much similar to my life in Moscow, when I used to go grocery shopping and stuff the small refridgerator with a lot of vegetables and meat; but now it was not as much fun as then - for during that time I always had a great companion, a true friend, to explore the recipes together. Time flies by, things change, but my passion for cooking has not yet ceased. Therefore I bought a lunchbox, and hopefully I will hold on to this habit and avoid eating out for lunch.

Recipe for the day: Chicken with Potatoes

A very easy meat dish, yet very Chinese. Rich flavor, rich in nutrition, suitable to eat with rice.


  • Chicken is chopped into small pieces (you can buy the already chopped pieces right from the internet) and then marinated with soy sauce, salt, sugar, Sichuan pepper, garlic and green onion, for about 15 minutes.
  • One potato is peeled and then chopped into small pieces. But if you like them bigger, you can go bigger.
  • Add some salad leaves if you want, which will not only contribute to the taste of the dish, but also some water during cooking.


  • Pour some -- but not a lot (as the chicken itself contain some grease) -- oil on to a frying pan (or wok if you prefer).
  • Use mild heat on the stove because you don't want the oil to burn too much.
  • Add the marinated chicken to the pan and then quickly stir them until their color start to change.
  • Add the chopped pieces of potato and continue to stir. Also, you can add some salt in the process.
  • Pour water (maybe 100ml) into the pan, turn the heat down to the smallest, and close the lid.
  • After 5 minutes, add the leaves.

Approaching the end

  • After the timer goes off, see if the water has vanished from the pan. If so, stop cooking; if not, you can continue the cooking for richer flavor.

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